What We Do

Sanitize & Disinfect

Elephant Armor goes beyond traditional cleaning. From testing to application, our process is designed to take a comprehensive measure of how well the playground is being cleaned.

Inspect & Monitor

We inspect and monitor the cleanliness of the playground area to help keep germs, bacteria and viruses at bay. Ongoing monitoring allows us to ensure that the Elephant Armor standards are being met.


Once we’ve checked off all the boxes on our inspection list, we award the play center with the Elephant Armor Certification. This means you can rest assured that we’ve checked to make sure the PURE Hard Surface disinfectant has been applied.

Certification Process

Our rigorous testing process ensures peace of mind for parents and quick service restaurant owners

Step 1

A quick service restaurant starts by applying the PURE Hard Surface disinfectant to playground equipment on a daily basis.

Step 2

Elephant Armor tests the equipment, verifying the area is disinfected.

Step 3

With a clean test, and daily application of the Elephant Armor system, the quick service restaurant earns the Elephant Armor certification.

Step 4

To ensure the play center remains a clean, safe place for fun, Elephant Armor does surprise testing throughout the year to ensure the play area is disinfected and maintains the certification.