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Staying Germ-Free in Play Areas with Elephant Armor

As moms, we are constantly on top of our anti-germ game. Whether it is using anti-bacterial spray, wipes or gel or completely staying clear of germ hotbeds, we have to put our children’s health first. During this time of year when the flu, strep throat and pneumonia are all over the valley, we absolutely avoid group play areas at all costs, right? Read more at East Valley Moms Blog

Clean Playgrounds Make Happy Parents, Healthy Kids

Ensuring that playground equipment is properly cleaned and sanitized or disinfected is a critical component in providing a safe dining experience. Read more at QSR magazine

Bringing Fun and Peace of Mind with Elephant Armor

Having my husband home for his 2-week vacation has been keeping us super busy and away from home. We have been all around the valley running some errands and exploring new places. My husband can’t stand being cooped up in the house for more than a day, so it’s always nice to go to town and keep occupied. Which has seriously put a stop to all my house chores and cooking. Read more at My Wifestyles

Grandfather Invents ‘Safe’ Cleaning Agent to Disinfect Restaurants’ Indoor Playgrounds

Parents are often leery of a restaurant play center in an effort to protect their little ones from germs. What they might not know, however, is that there is no industry, state, or federal regulation or set of standards managing the cleanliness of play centers. Tom Luzader, businessman and self-proclaimed “germaphobe,” couldn’t stop thinking about that while he was babysitting one of his seven grandchildren who insisted on wanting to play inside of a fast food restaurant. Read more at FastCasual.com